Federal Mermer

Beauties captured natural Stones have combined with the creative mind of men and came up to daylight and have vivified on earth

Anatolians, being the oldest marble products in the world, presented Anatolia’s marble reserves, which are rich in color and texture for humanitarian usage through historyBuilding, monuments made up of Anatolian Stones are stil being a symbol of pride fort the history of manhood.With its marble reserves which are estimated to be 3,5 billion m3 our country is heading towards being a leader in the world in term of marble production İn order to evaluate this potential in our country and to continue Anatolian tradition, Federal Group decided to invest in this field in 1998 under name of Federla Mermer. Federal Mermer, which participated in various international exposition since it was firstly estabilished, followed the demands of the world market closely. It succeeded to present much more alternative to its costumers by developing its producton file this direction

Who we are

Our Mission

On the occasion of international fairs that we take part every year, we are offering flawless marbles that are right and proper for our brand to the world market. We are acting consciously of our mission, proceeding on our way with new products, and doing what is necessary for our sound success.

Our Vision

We, as Federal Mermer, are exporting 80% of our products with the quality of visual magnificence and crown our success in the business volume with our continuously improving corporate structure. Therefore, we are the choice of more than 30 countries in marble.

Why Us

80% export capacity
Exporting to over 30 countries
Annual production capacity of 1 million m2
Industry leading brands


Controlling all the processes by the appilied quality system, it presents for its customers perfect products. These products of extereme care in production and selection are located in giant projects, which gained a worldwide interest.

By exporting %80 of its production, Federla Mermer, made a remarkable advance in presenting Anatolian marble to world. Federal Mermer which aims to pass over rich heritage of the past to future generatinos with its perfect production, is one of outstanding companies within the marble field. Federal mermer, believes that the harmony between Stone and human nature for thousands of years, will be continuing in the future and the modern cities built by men will be carried on to new generations together with the tale of marble digged of this land

Built on an area of 70000 m2 , whose 10.000 m2 is a covered area , Federal Mermer; is estabilshed in Bilecik by the year of 1998 with the latest Italian technology. In its modern factory, Federal Mermer with 3 unites 80 bladed gangsaws, 9 unites block cutting machines, 24 headed slab line, tile line,traverten line,polishing line, 3 unites horizontal splitting machines, bride cutting machines, 4 unites corss cutting, edge polishing machines, side cutting machine trimming machine and a cleaning plant, has possibilities of production of high-quality goods and services.

The blocks are cut into slabs with 80 bladed gangsaws and than are polished in 24 headed line with daily capacity of 1300m2. Eventually, according to costumer requiriments they are processed in the birdge cutting machines

The stripes from the blocks cut with the block cutter are manufactured as sizeable products

Federal Mermer, whose plicy is based on costumer satisfaction,

United this policy with the latest technology and became one of the outstanding companies in the field in a very short of period

Federal Mermer, believes in the efficiency in production can be ensured in a good working enverioment based on continuous improvement concept. In this envoriment without any quantinty problem the market and costumer demands are evaluated

Since the day of establishment with annual production of 1.000.000 m2, Federal mermer has proved a quick development. In order to correspond increasing customer demand, it has made investments in machinery in its quarries and factory, and accelarated on working to realize investments

Expanding with new investments , Federla Mermer wants to have alarge Stone range that answers every market.