Our Quarry

Raw material is the heart of production. Marble used in ancient times in the artistic field with the reason for resistance, at the present time Marble is use in construction, fine arts and decoration. The most widely used is the construction industry. Inner lining of buildings,stairs, kitchen, fireplace and the bathrooms also column be used as carriers. As well as, in the production of table items particularly significant amounts of veined marble, colored marble, onyx marble is consumed.

Countries where the most intensive use of marble products in the world at United States and Germany. In recent years, it is observed that increasing consumption of marble at the Far East and Middle East countries

Product İmages


Our Marble Varieties

  • Lotus Cream
  • Lotus Beige Light
  • Lotus Rosalia
  • Golden Rose
  • Mystic Brown
  • Mystic White
  • Golden Beige
  • Doce Beige
  • Lilyum Beige
  • Maya Cream
  • Lotus Beige Dark
  • Beige Light
  • Beige Dark
  • Cream

Federal mermer which has entered in to the global market with the stone named Lotus Cream, lotus beige light, lotus beige , lotus rosalia , maya cream golden rose, mystic brown, mystic white, golden river belecoma breica and sultan onyx offers these sotnes to its customers as blocks when dispatched from the quarries or after processing as polished, non-polished, honed or aged tiles, dimensioned items and slabs when dispatched from its factory in Vezirhan, Bilecik. Being covered by the TSE and CE certificates, our products are subject to interm controls during the production. Professional selection after the production and final control by our quality team, finally there strictly controlled products are packed diligently. Federal mermer, being a holder of ISO 9001/2008 certificate, places emphasis on quality not only for the product, but also for the production system

Raw material is the heart of production. Therefore, federal mermer has formed the quarry team that has information and experience in selecting and operating quarries. With this team, in started to produce and present Golden rose, mystic borwn, mystic white, golden river, belecoma brescia , sultan onyx in beyceköy quarry, maya cream in kusca quarry in the world market, Further more, exploration and surveying studies , have been realized in various regions of our country, new marble quarries have been determined and permission are received fort them. Production will start in these quarries according to plan

Beyceköy quarry and kuşça quarry wwhich are production actively are respectively at a distance of 17 km and 70 km to the factory. Continous production is being realized throughout the year in quarry with a machinery park consisting PC 300-6 Komatsu, 954 liebherr litronic excavator, 980 G caterpillar, 95 z4 kawasaki, L 180 C volvo, 420-3 komatsu loader, 2 units block sizing machines , 6 units drilling machines 12 units wire cutting machines, 5 units titans, 3 units 400 kw generators and 3 units compressors.